To Top Maropea

新西兰惠灵顿周边徒步行 Sunrise Hut

The Plan 计划

Original Plan 初始计划

Our original plan was to do the Dorest Ridge Loop, but with the forcast 90km gales and rain over Tararua Forest Park on Saturday and Sunday, we decided to postpone that trip and try another time.

我们这次的初始计划是徒步走Dorest Ridge环线,但由于天气预报Tararua森林公园周六以及周日将遭遇90km/h的强风以及暴雨,我们决定推迟Dorest Ridge环线计划。

Plan B B计划

Regarding the bad weather, Julian made a plan B for us: drive further to Ruahine Forest Park and walk up at night to Sunrise Hut on Friday, hike a decent loop spend the Saturday night at Waipawa Hut and return to carpark and drive back to Wellington on Sunday.

鉴于糟糕的天气,Julian另外制定了B行程:我们开车到更远的Ruahine森林公园去徒步,周五夜爬后住宿Sunrise小屋, 周六再走一个大循环到Waipawa小屋,周日徒步回停车场然后开车返回Wellington。

The Tramping Itinerary 行程圖 Sunrise Hut



The Trip 旅程

Julian, Laressa是本次的徒步的组织者,本次团队共有八名成员:Julian,Laressa,Alex,Emma,Yadgar,黄鼠狼,Grey先生 还有我。

Day 1 第一天

We were driving two cars, and it’s around 280 km from Wellington to Tikokino. We departed at about 4:30 pm and stopped for dinner on the way. We parked, geared ourselves up and started climbing at 10:30 pm.

It was nice to stretch a bit after long hours in the car, and we saw piled snow only after climbing for half an hour, which was unexpected. It took us 1 hr 45 mins to get to Sunrise Hut.

我们这次共开了两辆车。从Wellington到Tikokino大约280公里, 我们大约下午4:30出发,随后在路上停车吃了晚餐,到达停车场后穿好装备,然后在晚上10:30左右开始徒步。

Walking on snow at night 雪地夜行
Walking on snow at night 雪地夜行




Day 2 第二天

We woke up or were wakened by the happiness cheers & eye-filling violet and orange at around 5:30 in the morning. The sunrise was stunning!


Love sunrise
Love sunrise


We woke up again at around 8:00 am, then we sat around, had breakfast and planned for the new day. As the gale was notably crazy and the tracks were with low visibility, we decided to give up the loop trip and visit the Top Maropea Hut instead.

回笼觉醒来已经是早上8点了,我们坐在一起吃了早餐,顺便重新计划了行程。因为早上风实在太强,再加上能见度极低,我们决定放弃走大循环的计划,改为徒步到Top Maropea小屋。


To Top Maropea We lost


Climbing with Julian
Climbing with Julian

It was a free-of-burden hike because we left most gears in the hut, we climbed up to the saddle and then down to the Top Maropea Hut, where we had our lunch.

因为我们把沉重的装备都留在了sunrise小屋,所以这段路走起来特别“轻松”,我们先爬到了山脊然后沿着山路下山到了Top Maropea小屋,并在小屋里吃了午餐。

The Top Maropea Hut
The Top Maropea Hut


The returning went smoothly as the sky started clearing and we could feel the sunshine from time to time.


An easy slide down

The clear blue sky at 2:00 pm


Day 3 第三天

We slept early at night in order to get up early, and we caught another wonderful morning glow, we were so lucky!


The plan was to visit Waipawa Hut and then double back to the car park, but these characters decided we should try something off-track in water – walking along the Waipawa River to the car park. The crossing was fun and it was refreshing to get both feet wet. We stopped counting how many times we made it crossing the river because there were so many.



To Wrap Up 总结

We had a wonderful weekend! We stayed at Sunrise Hut for two nights, we hit the snow, did the river crossing and visited four huts (Sunrise Hut, Top Maropea Hut, Waipawa Hut, Triplex Hut) in total.

Retrospect to be better. Julian asked for some feedback on Saturday night for this trip, we talked about what we learnt from this trip and which part we can improve so we could get better next time. For me, I should never forget to bring my rain jacket again.

Alway have a Plan B. Another good strategy to follow from this tramp is always having an alternative plan: an Itinerary B for the trip, a Plan B when someone chooses to stop and head back on the track, you will find them useful.

It is unique to tramp in New Zealand in the winter, and if you are well-prepared, you get to see a lot. Looking forward to see you on the mountains!

这个周末特别的完美,我们在Sunrise小屋呆了两晚,玩雪,涉水,还拜访了四个小屋:Sunrise小屋, Top Maropea小屋, Waipawa小屋,以及Triplex小屋。